Merry Christmas, PLN! (2016)

As we approach the end of 2016, and I sit in the airport with my festive gingerbread latte, I’m reflecting on the calendar year gone by. What a year it has been for me! I’ll always remember 2016 as the year that I started blogging. I believe that I have made a success of it. The success is not measured by hits, comments or shares. It’s not even measured by the official ranking in Feedspot’s top 100 education blogs (I had to bring that up). I believe that it is successful for the same reason that all education blogs are successful – because the person blogging becomes a better teacher. Of course, this is an ongoing, gradual process with no end. I blog because I love teaching and because I understand the value of reflection and lifelong learning. Blogging is my platform for that. It has given me a voice.

fullsizerender-3Blogging has not only given me a voice, but also thousands of people who listen to it. I have many posts saved in draft form and I look forward to sharing them over the next few weeks, but right now there’s only one thing that needs to be said… thank you. Thank you to my followers. I appreciate every single one of you. The fact that you find value in my writing is amazing. The fact that you appreciate it enough to follow me (whether it’s on social media, WordPress or via email) means more to me than you’ll ever know. To those of you who take the time to comment, know that I read every single one and I always reply. Thank you for the reinforcement of my ideas, but also thanks for the disagreements that challenge and extend my thinking. To anyone who has ever hit ‘like’ or ‘share’, know that it made my day.

A special thanks goes to the PYP Book Study group. I genuinely love what we do and benefit from the reading and discussions. I can’t wait to develop this through 2017 and beyond. This group is successful because of the amazing teachers who take part. I won’t list you all, but you know who you are. 2016 was also that year that this was born. Long may it continue.

This is not really a blog post. There’s nothing to learn from, question or share. It’s just a letter of thanks from me to my followers. Thank you for all of your ongoing support and encouragement. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the new year.





  1. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all your work in the Book Study. I really enjoy it, and honestly, when I joined, I thought I’d be more of a lurker.

    1. Hi Tima,

      I had a lovely Christmas. I’m back in Hong Kong now for New Year’s Eve. I’m more than happy to work hard for the book study group because I benefit from all of the reading. Plus it has added some awesome teachers to my PLN, such as you. Thank you for being such an active, enthusiastic member.

      I hope that you had a lovely Christmas (very jealous that you went to the Harry Potter studios). I wish you and your family a very happy new year!



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