Ten essential Chrome extensions for teachers

Are you using Google Chrome? Take advantage of the many extensions that can be downloaded onto your Chrome browser. These extensions are sometimes simple quick links, but others have the functionality that can make your life much more efficient or even transform teaching and learning.

To personalise your browser with extensions, visit the Chrome Store. You can filter search results by category, ratings and features. I’d like to share my favourite extensions (in no particular order). Click each one to be directed to the store.

AdBlock Plus

By installing this extension onto your browser, you will block distracting online advertisements. This includes the annoying, and often inappropriate, adverts that play before YouTube videos.

Full Page Screen Capture

I seem to take screenshots every day for many different reasons. Occasionally, I want to capture more than just what is visible on the screen. For example, you can’t see all of this blog post without scrolling down. Full Page Screen Capture will scroll through the web page and take one screenshot of the whole thing.


Screencastify is a screencasting tool. By simply activating the extension, you can create a video recording of what is happening on your screen. These videos can be edited, annotated, stored and shared. I will be using this extension much more as I embrace Flipped Learning. Your students could also use it to share their work and explain their thinking.

Save to Google Drive

Very simple but very useful. This extension allows you to effortlessly save web content to your Google Drive by either clicking the extension’s icon or ‘save to Google Drive’ from your right click menu.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

If you’re using Google Keep, this extension is a must-have. It works in the same way as the ‘Save to Google Drive’ extension (above) but saves content to your Google Keep instead.

Share to Classroom

Another essential extension for G Suite teachers. By clicking the icon, you can push your current web page to your students via Google Classroom. It can be shared to any of your classes as an assignment, announcement or question.

goo.gl URL Shortener

It can sometimes be annoying, inappropriate or inconvenient to share long URL addresses. By clicking the extension’s icon, a short alternative URL is generated. This can be copied as a shortened link or even a QR code.


Check your spelling and grammar with this fantastic extension. It opens your writing in a separate window, highlights your mistakes and suggests corrections. You can ignore, replace or find out more about your mistakes. Imagine how powerful this could be for your students (especially if they are second language learners).


With this extension installed, your new tabs will display attractive travel photographs, weather information, a personalised greeting and an inspirational quote (see image above). Granted, this extension won’t change the world, but these little things are sometimes the inspiration we need. You can also use Momentum to track your daily goals and list your favourite website links.

Panic Button Plus

I’ll finish with a cheeky one. Do you often use work time to browse social media, shop online, or watch mindless YouTube videos? I would never waste my precious work hours in this way (my principal reads this blog). For those of you who waste more time than I do, this extension will stop you from getting caught. One click of this icon and all of your tabs will be closed at the speed of light. Simply click the panic button again to reopen them after your principal has moved on.

There are countless extensions available and many of them can support teaching and learning. I have undoubtedly missed some fantastic ones. Feel free to add your suggestions to the comments section below. What would you add to this list?



    1. Hi Joell,

      Thanks for the recommendation. I have heard others mention it as well. It’s time I checked it out. Thank you for the reminder! I’ll write another one of these lists soon. Watch this space!



    1. Hi Karin,

      I’m really glad that you found value in this post. Enjoy using the extensions. There are many more! Browse the Chrome Store to find more. There might be some good ones specifically for your subject.



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