Are you a connected educator?

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been exploring Delhi, Jaipur and Agra (‘The Golden Triangle’, India). I got to see once in a lifetime sights such as Amber Fort and the Taj Mahal. However, the highlights of the trip were actually not touristy – they were professional.

I posted an update on social media about the trip. Unexpectedly (but wonderfully), I then received three separate invitations from my PLN to meet in Delhi. I had never met them before in person, but I am connected with Kriti, Shailja and Chandrei through Twitter, blogging and #pypbookstudy.


img_4748Disappointingly, Chandrei’s offer came at the end of the trip when it was too late, but it was a delight to meet Kriti and Shailja. We even got to look around Genesis Global School and meet the staff.

I want to use my blog as a platform to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my friends in Delhi. It also makes me consider the power of connectedness. Education is bigger than our classroom walls, our schools and even our countries. Passionate, fantastic educators are all over the world and it’s easier than ever to connect with them.

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”

(Robert John Meehan)

I have said time and time again how much I appreciate my PLN. On a daily basis, I am inspired and motivated by teachers around the world. We share, discuss, debate and collaborate. On an ongoing basis, we learn together.

“If you want to become a 21st century connected educator — and prepare students for an exciting but unpredictable future — you first have to become a 21st century learner. That’s right. The “connected learner” is YOU. To become a connected educator, you must first become a connected learner.”


So, are you a connected educator? Are you a connected learner? Take advantage of ‘the most valuable resource’ and get connected in any way that you can. I genuinely believe that my professional growth was accelerated the day I joined Twitter. If Twitter isn’t for you, there are many other ways. Just connect in any way that works for you and be an active collaborator and learner.

“Teacher isolation is the enemy of progress.”

(Lynne Erickson and Lois Lanning)

I have never considered this before (I’m obviously not as kind as Kriti, Shailja or Chandrei), but it seems obvious now. If anyone from my highly-valued PLN is ever in Hong Kong, please let me know. I’d be thrilled to meet you in person. I’ll end with this lovely tweet from Kriti. Well said!



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