The role of technology in the PYP (Guest post for ‘EdTech 4 Beginners’)

EdTech 4 Beginners is one of my favourite blogs to follow. The brains behind it, Neil Jarret, is someone who I enjoy connecting with and learning from. Follow him on Twitter @edtechneil.

Neil is curious about the PYP (Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate) and the role that technology plays in achieving its aims. He asked if I’d be willing to write about it in a guest post. I was thrilled to get the opportunity, but I wasn’t sure what to write; I like to think that I have a good understanding of how/why to use technology with students generally, but I wasn’t sure what to say about the PYP specifically. I wasn’t even sure what PYP documentation states about technology. I had two options: politely decline the opportunity, or find out. Priding myself as a lifelong learner, I obviously opted for the latter.

What is the role of technology in PYP schools? Does it differ from non-PYP schools? Click here to read the post.

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