Ten blogs that inspire this one (second edition)

A while ago, I listed ten education blogs that inspire this one. If you missed it, I encourage you to read that first list and follow all of those inspirational bloggers. Those ten blogs continue to inspire me but, as suspected, I had forgotten some that also deserved to be on that list. I have also discovered many new blogs since then. Therefore, I have listed ten more blogs that inspire this one and deserve your attention (in no particular order). I urge you to follow these fantastic educators on Twitter and subscribe to their blogs for regular updates. You’ll thank me for it!

“My blog is my clone. That might sound silly, but I am able to be in classrooms and impact hundreds of teachers and students when, physically, that would be impossible.”

Tara Martin, Be REAL: Educate from the Heart

Be REAL by Tara Martin (@TaraMartinEDU)

I’ve always said that I enjoy blogs that are ‘real’. Fortunately, Tara’s teaching and leading philosophy is all about being REAL: Relatable/Reflective, Expose vulnerability, Approachable, Learning through life. This acronym perfectly captures what Tara’s blog (and fantastic book) are all about. Tara writes with honesty and with her big heart on her sleeve. She’s well known for establishing #BookSnaps and for her role as Media and Communications Director at DBC, Inc.

Cult of Pedagogy by Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy)

Jennifer puts it nicely in her Twitter bio: she “helps teachers crush it in the classroom”. I’m constantly getting new ideas from the Cult of Pedagogy blog and podcast! Jennifer co-authored Hacking Education and also publishes a new edition of The Teacher’s Guide to Tech every January. She is the writer of one of my favourite ever blog posts: Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule for New Teachers. It’s a metaphor that has stuck with me ever since I first read it.

Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller (@jmattmiller)

Matt is the author of Ditch That Textbook and co-author of Ditch That Homework. If you’ve watched during a Ditch Summit (his free virtual conference), you know that Matt is all about “technology, pedagogy and good, solid teaching.” The blog’s intention is to equip educators for the digital era and challenge them to think differently. His blog (much like the book) is full of practical ideas for meaningful, relevant and transformational technology integration.

What Ed Said by Edna Sackson (@whatedsaid)

Edna is the Teaching and Learning Coordinator at an IB school in Australia, as well as a consultant and workshop leader. This is one of my favourite blogs for learning about the PYP and its implementation. Edna’s blog reflects her as an educator: a learner, leader and inquirer. I consider her to be an expert in all things PYP but her blog isn’t written like that. Rather, it’s documentation of her lifelong learning and professional growth. Reading her blog is like learning and wondering alongside her.

Mr Kemp NZ by Craig Kemp (@mrkempnz)

Craig is a huge advocate for educational technology and the power of a PLN. He clearly enjoys being connected and helping others to establish their own online learning communities. Originally from New Zealand, Craig is now based in Singapore and is about to embark on a new challenge of establishing his own consulting business. His blog is a platform for teaching ideas, discussions and resources. He mainly discusses how to utilise educational technology to create engaging learning experiences.

Making Better Teachers by Kevin O’Shea (@MadForMaple)

Proud Canadian Kevin is currently working in China after several enjoyable years in Japan. He is a massive advocate for the PYP as well as outdoor learning. His website aims to help teachers and make them better (as it says on the tin). Following his success with the Just Japan podcast, Kevin has recently started the Making Better Teachers podcast (all curated on his blog). Each episode, he invites a guest teacher to discuss their area of interest/expertise. It’s early days, but the podcast is off to a great start and is definitely one to watch!

Innovative Inquirers by Cindy Kaardal (@innovative_inq)

Cindy and I share many passions, mainly educational technology and the philosophy of the PYP. She has worked in PYP schools across the world and is currently based in Vietnam. Cindy uses her blog to share her reflections, learning and classroom practice. She is a strong advocate of student agency and student-led approaches and many of her posts discuss these topics. Cindy has recently been accepted to the Apple Distinguished Educator 2019 cohort. This is very well deserved and I look forward to reading more about this adventure on her blog.

The @DavidGeurin Blog by David Geurin (@DavidGeurin)

David is another PLN advocate and is passionate about all things education, innovation and leadership. If you use social media professionally, you have probably seen his popular education-related quotes circulating. I have referenced them multiple times on this blog. But don’t just like and retweet, check out the rest of his blog to learn more from his ideas and reflections. In particular, his recent post about lifelong learning resonates with me (and I wish more educators had the same expectations). David’s book, Future Driven, is on my summer reading list.

…just wondering… by Kath Murdoch (@kjinquiry)

The guru of inquiry learning is, as you’d expect, a lifelong inquirer herself. She documents her learning and wonders on her thought-provoking blog. Her blog posts are challenging and I appreciate how they stretch my thinking. She also uses this platform to address common myths about inquiry teaching and learning. For example, her post about inquiry cycle misconceptions is what first attracted me to her blog. In it, she addresses seven of the most common misuses of the cycle. Kath’s blog complements her published work very well and I strongly encourage all inquiry teachers to check it out and subscribe.

ArtLesson.Blog by Chris Gadbury (@chrisgadbury)

Chris is my friend and colleague who is also an exceptional artist and writer. He teaches primary art and shares his planning, teaching and resources on his blog. His other site, Magic Storybooks, is also well worth a look. This is where he shares his stories, infographics and other resources (all completely free). Chris is passionate about the PYP, current affairs, environmental issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He is a TeachSDGs Ambassador who uses art and stories to explore these important issues with children. Click here to check out his recent TEDx Talk.

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Once again, I’m sure that I have missed some people who also deserve to be on here. In fact, I have one or two blogs in mind that I have very recently discovered, so I should probably start planning the third edition! If any other bloggers spring to mind, please give them a shoutout in the comment section below. I look forward to connecting with them and discovering their content. Finally, I thank all of the bloggers listed here for their amazing work. Keep inspiring!

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  1. Thanks for the list drop. I am getting into some Key Stages inquiry type action next year and saw a few inquiry type folks on your list. This will be helpful to follow them on Twitter and their blogs so I can level up!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m pleased that this list is helpful to you. For all things inquiry, I also suggest following Trevor MacKenzie on Twitter if you don’t already. His books are fantastic too!



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