Climbing the Hill to Get Social (podcast episode for ‘Get Inspired and Innovate’)

I seem to be recording a lot of podcast episodes lately! I have more in the pipeline as well because many of my PLN connections are starting them up, which is fantastic. I’m more than happy to help! It’s good to be pushed out of my comfort zone.

Get Inspired and Innovate is the new podcast by my friends and fellow Sydney Innovators Stephanie Howell and Lance Key. Each episode, they invite a guest, discuss a topic, share inspirational/funny memes and also outline some tech tips that they learnt that week. Episodes are short, snappy and conversational. I was honoured to be invited for Episode 3: Climbing the Hill to Get Social.

The episode starts with a really lovely introduction about how the podcast was inspired by my sharing at the Google Certified Innovator Academy. I’m even more honoured now! I look forward to taking credit for the podcast’s success! We then discussed digital citizenship and the role of social media in education. I also shared a few updates regarding my Google Innovator project and an upcoming collaboration with Jennifer Casa-Todd (author of Social LEADia). I’ll share more details later. It’s still early days. Exciting though!

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