#HiveSummit 2019

The #HiveSummit is back for 2019! The videos will be available until August 18th and the discussions continue on social media. I encourage you to get involved while there’s still time. Organised and hosted by Michael Matera, the Hive Summit offers videos with inspirational guests, free of charge. It provides fabulous summer PD for teachers, perfect for the deck chair or a lazy pyjama day. Just like last year, each video is accompanied by written notes, visual notes and a PD certificate.

I always benefit from recapping and consolidating professional learning, so here are my summaries from the Hive. If you don’t have time to watch them all, these will hopefully help you to prioritise.

Day 1: Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers)

In the first video of this year, Michael chatted with Angela Maiers about how everybody matters and the importance of acting like we all matter. Everyone has value. With this in mind, Angela encourages us to be present and notice the little things. We were created for significance and it’s important for educators to bring out the significance in our colleagues and students. She also discussed genius and how, if you expect it, “it tends to show up”. According to Angela, everyone has genius that the world needs. We just need to give it a reason to emerge.

“You cannot compete with someone who believes that their contribution is needed by the world.”

Angela Maiers

Day 2: Michael Matera (@MrMatera)

In this video, Michael took centre stage, once again supported by daughter Mila. Michael discussed the importance of boosting engagement in the classroom and empowering our students. As a leader in gamification, he outlines the thinking behind this sound pedagogy and some practical ways to get started with game mechanics. Michael busts the myth that gamification is about video games, technology and playing games all day. Rather, it’s about designing lessons that engage and inspire. To go in greater depth, grab a copy of Michael’s book.

“We’re not talking about a trick or drop-in lesson. We’re talking about a refined engagement system; something that can be put in place time and time again.”

Michael Matera

Dat 3: Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning)

Kasey Bell, author of Shake Up Learning, shared her philosophy and framework for moving from static teaching to dynamic learning. Kasey emphasises the importance of incorporating the 4 Cs into learning engagements (creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration). She also shared multiple ways to “go beyond”, such as beyond the walls, beyond the deadline, beyond the bell, etc. These are ways to distance ourselves from “the game of school” and truly inspire lifelong, passionate and independent learners.

“We can’t let our own limitations be limitations for our students.”

Kasey Bell

Day 4: CJ Reynolds (@realrapreynolds)

The messages in this video are hugely important for anyone who works with kids. With touching stories, CJ explains the importance of connecting with kids, building strong relationships with them and knowing their stories. Knowing our students helps us to understand their behaviour. Especially for challenging students, it changes everything (as CJ explains). He also shares his belief that educators should stay on top of trends and show an interest in what our students are interested in. Finally, CJ emphasises the importance of adult relationships in schools and offers tips to build these. The most thought-provoking part of the video was when he explained his “zero interest” in being “the one” for a student. Rather, it should be a community effort involving many caring adults.

“Once you know someone’s story, everything changes.”

CJ Reynolds

Day 5: Ted Neitzke (@tneitzke)

This video offers essential advice for leaders. Ted explains how a leader is anyone who has influence over others. In schools, this can be any student or staff member. In the video, Ted outlines the essential characteristics of leaders, including empathy and reflection. He also offers practical ways to apply these. I particularly enjoyed the cow activity to demonstrate how everyone’s thoughts are valued and that the “smartest person in the room is the room” (David Weinberger). Furthermore, watch this video to hear a fantastic story that explains the difference between empathy and sympathy, courtesy of Grandma Neitzke. This episode is a must-watch for leaders in any position.

“Empathy leads to relationships, leads to advocacy, leads to success.”

Ted Neitzke

Day 6: Michelle Ferré

Michelle Ferré is an elementary school teacher and YouTuber (check out Pocketful of Primary). In this episode of the Hive, Michelle shared how she didn’t enjoy school as a child and how she saw no relevance to real life. As a teacher, she creates experiences for children so that they can make these connections in engaging ways. Michelle refers to these as classroom transformations and is well known for her math bakery, for example. Watch this video for ideas on how to boost engagement in a variety of different ways. Acknowledging that whole-room, Pinterest-style transformations aren’t for everyone, she also suggests smaller, easier ways to create meaningful classroom experiences.

“If I’m not excited about teaching it, they can’t be excited about learning it.”

Michelle Ferré

Day 7: Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4U)

In this episode of the Hive, Lisa and Michael discuss strategies for setting goals and achieving them (for adults and children). Rather than the overwhelmingly open, “what are your goals?”, Lisa suggests four smaller questions:

  • What do you want to do more of?
  • What do you want to do less of?
  • What do you want to finish?
  • What do you want to do better?

Lisa also explains how it is often useful to break down macro goals into several micro goals to make it less daunting and more achievable. Furthermore, she shares her method for including three values when setting goals. As a busy teacher, I appreciated her productivity tips. Lisa suggests batching tasks and blocking time. As an advocate for intentionality and finding joy in the journey, Michael adds a lot to this episode (as he does with every episode).

Day 8: Quinn Rollins (@jedikermit)

Quinn Rollins is author of Play Like a PIRATE (a book that I just ordered) and a huge advocate for toys and games in the classroom. In this video, Quinn provides practical ideas on how these can be used with students (of all ages) to boost their thinking, engagement and creativity. Quinn also discussed the “golden age” of graphic novels that we are currently living in and how these can be used to elevate our units. Check out the links below the video for his recommendations.

“[Students] don’t always get to flex their creative muscles.”

Quinn Rollins

Day 9: Dan Tricarico (@thezenteacher)

In the final video of the 2019 Hive, Dan reminded us that self-care is essential. Our profession is highly demanding and we, as teachers, are givers. However, we must look after ourselves along the way and learn to say no occasionally (something I put on my 2019-20 list of goals). To help us with self-care, Dan encourages to consider the 5 Ss: stillness, silence, space, subtraction and slow down. For me, subtraction was a big takeaway. What can I remove from my calendar to make room for something more fulfilling or relaxing? Michael added something to the discussion that I need to keep in mind: “Where are your talents best served?” I am guilty of saying yes to everything and it isn’t doing me any favours (hence my target). Furthermore, it isn’t doing those tasks any favours. Check out The Zen Teacher for more on this important topic.

“We are entitled to self-care.”

Dan Tricarico

I hope that these summaries have provided enough motivation for you to check the videos out for yourself. As mentioned, the summit is free. However, it aims to make an impact even beyond the profession. Although it’s completely optional, participants are encouraged to donate to the Kiva fund. A few dollars to help others seems like a very reasonable ask for such great professional learning. Click here to find out more.

Join the Hive while there’s still time. Follow this link to sign up. You’ll then receive an email with links to all of these videos. Enjoy!

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