Adam Hill and Media By Example (podcast episode for ‘Social LEADia’)

In a previous blog post, I described Social LEADia as “the book I wish I’d written”. This highly relevant book and its much-needed messages are shifting the narrative of social media and helping to “celebrate awesome on and offline”. It completely inspired me and my Google Innovator project, Media By Example.

As well as being a fabulous book, author Jennifer Casa-Todd spreads social media positivity through the Social LEADia podcast. I was thrilled to be invited for episode 19.

In this episode, Jennifer and I discuss the Google Innovator Academy (she also has recent experience as part of the New York 2019 cohort) and the purpose, progress and aspirations of Media By Example. We share the same passion for positive social media usage and digital leadership. I’m proud that Media By Example can complement her message and be part of the journey. We also spoke about a recent example of how I connected my students with experts through social media. Jennifer mentioned this in her recent blog post as well. Check out Learning from Strangers Online.

My episode is embedded below but be sure to check out the other episodes as well.


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