Edpuzzle: a core tool during the coronavirus closures (Guest post for Edpuzzle)

In response to my last blog post, Remote learning: tools and principles, Edpuzzle reached out and asked if I’d like to write a post for their blog. It’s always an honour to contribute to other blogs! I gladly accepted the invitation.

My Edpuzzle guest post is, again, about the school closures (with some updated information). It outlines my school’s approach to remote learning, what a typical remote school day looks like and how we have tweaked our practice in response to parent feedback. The post outlines some key principles and how Edpuzzle, in particular, helps to put them into practice.

Like many tech companies, Edpuzzle is offering a generous upgrade to schools that are impacted by COVID-19 (better known as the coronavirus). I hope that my blog post will be useful to educators who are new to it and also those who are yet to use some of its most useful features!

Click here to read my guest post. I very much look forward to hearing your feedback.

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