Moving Online Together (webinar with ‘Deploy Learning’ and ‘Unstuck Learning Design’) #OnlineTogetherAU

I was invited to join the Moving Online Together webinar, jointly organised by Deploy Learning and Unstuck Learning Design. The discussion was about the school closures and how we can keep quality and meaningful learning going during the coronavirus period. While the advice can apply to all teachers, it was mainly aimed at Australian schools as they prepare to close.

It was lovely to join my international friends, especially the ones from the Sydney 2019 Google Certified Innovator Academy, and to share my experience from Hong Kong. Along with China, we have been closed since the start. Sandra Chow (in Beijing) and I were able to offer a message of hope. As we enter our eighth week of school closures, we can share that it’s going surprisingly well and that there are silver linings to be found even at such a challenging time.

You can watch the discussion below. I hope that it is helpful. It might prompt some important discussions with your colleagues about what best practice looks like and how to make the best of a bad situation.

The collaboration between Deploy Learning and Unstuck Learning Design will continue as they create a series of webinars around the topic of school closures. Click here to find recordings from previous webinars and information about what’s coming next.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about remote teaching and learning. You can find my other blog posts on this important topic here.

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