Urgent Room to Read coronavirus appeal: donations quadrupled!

This is a milestone blog post and I want to do something meaningful and important with it. It’s my 200th post and one year since I won the UK Blog Award for Education. If you have ever appreciated my blog and benefited from it, please keep reading and consider helping me with this important initiative.

The coronavirus has shaken the world and impacted all of us. But we can take comfort in knowing that we’ll bounce back. In a few months, it will all be over and, for most of us, our lives and daily routines will pick up where they left off. But not everyone is as fortunate as us.


I have written about Room to Read several times on this blog and I’m proud to support their incredible work. In case you missed them, here are some previous posts:

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This is a hugely difficult time for Room to Read. The pandemic threatens their countless projects that support underprivileged children, families and communities throughout the developing world. In every country that Room to Read operates in, schools are closed or partially closed, putting the vital education of these vulnerable students back into jeopardy. Furthermore, Room to Read’s income is down due to cancelled fundraisers and events. This is devastating for so many children and young people. They need Room to Read, and Room to Read needs us.

To find out more about the issues, listen to this short BBC interview with Room to Read CEO Geetha Murali:

As an urgent appeal for support, board member Angel Mehta is currently matching all donations, dollar for dollar, to the value of US$50,000. Furthermore, all donations from my website, until April 21st, will be matched by me. I want to do my part as well, because I’ve seen Room to Read’s fantastic efforts up close. It’s critical and life-changing work.

To clarify, all donations from Mr. Hill’s Musings are currently being quadrupled, matched by me and then doubled again by Angel. Please chip in whatever you can. Every little really does help. Obviously, I’d need to cap it if it gets too high and starts to cripple me. I don’t expect that to happen, but I need to cover my back in case a millionaire reads this and donates my life savings!


Please click here to open my donation page. The target of US$500 was set before this initiative, so please feel free to surpass it! I’ll ask Room to Read to increase that target if necessary. For full transparency, the dates and donation amounts are listed at the bottom of the page. My matching donations will also appear there.

This is a challenging time for many people financially, I understand completely. If you’re not in a position to donate, you can still support this initiative by sharing, retweeting, etc. Please help me to get the word out.

Please consider making an urgent donation to @RoomtoRead. Use Adam's link to quadruple your donation (limited time only) and ensure that the coronavirus does not end education for vulnerable kids. Click To Tweet

Room to Read can keep learning going and can ensure that students continue their schooling after this is all over, including – and especially – girls. That’s the good news. But a boost in donations is urgently needed to make it happen. Please help however you can. Thank you.

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