Hands-on learning from a distance: what we learned going 1:1 with Ozobot (webinar with Ozobot)

During the period of school closure, our school gifted every student an Ozobot Bit, establishing us as a 1:1 robotics school and, specifically, a 1:1 Ozobot school. We have exciting plans for utilising Ozobot as a core resource in classrooms. But first, we wanted to get them into the hands of students while they were learning from home.

At some point soon, I’ll blog about Ozobot in more detail and share some classroom integration ideas. At the moment, I’m still learning alongside my students. But I’d like to share the recording of the Ozobot webinar that we hosted last weekend.

The webinar was hosted by me, Ryan Krakofsky and Fred Yue. As our Digital Literacy Coaches, Ryan and Fred shared how they decided on Ozobot, how they introduced them to students and their plans for Ozobot integration moving forward. They also shared the details and videos of the challenges that they have set so far. I brought the class teacher perspective to the discussion and was able to share my own experience as a learner and what I have seen from my students and families. The slides from the webinar, including all links and resources, can be viewed here.

Click below to watch the full webinar. It also includes information about Ozobot’s new 1:1 program.

If you’re particularly interested in Ozobot, I recommend that you browse more webinars using this playlist and connect with Ozobot on Facebook and Twitter.

Look out for my upcoming post that explores Ozobot in more detail. If you have any questions about the webinar or Ozobot in general, feel free to reach out on social media or leave a comment below.

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