Media By Example updates (summer 2020)

The idea for Media By Example was born at the Google for Education Certified Innovator Academy in Sydney, May 2019. You can read about my Academy experience here. After months of planning, preparing and overthinking, it was launched in July 2019. I wrote about it one year ago in Introducing Media By Example, but a lot of exciting things have happened since then. At this point last year, all I really had was a logo, a new Twitter profile and lots of ideas. So, one year later, how much progress has Media By Example made?

Here are the most significant updates from the first year of Media By Example:

Media By Example website

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 12.12.53 PM.png

The website is the heart of Media By Example and the home of most other updates. It is very much a work in progress though, so don’t be surprised if you see one or two “Coming Soon” announcements! There’s still lots more on the way! There is, however, enough information there for me to be proud of it. I would love for you to have a look around and share your thoughts. You can also sign up for updates by following the link on the homepage.

#MediaByExample Twitter chat

I have been hosting the bi-weekly #MediaByExample Twitter chat based on topics connected to social media, digital leadership and education. These have been amazing because of the strong community that has been built. The thought-provoking conversations are always fascinating and really push my thinking. The chats have taken a break over summer due to other commitments but I encourage you to follow @MediaByExample on Twitter and keep an eye out for the relaunch in August.

Media By Example blog

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 12.16.49 PM

The Media By Example blog shines a light on a new digital leader each month. Contributors have ranged from teachers, young adults, teenagers and pre-teens. As a hub of positivity, the blog aims to change the narrative by demonstrating how social media can be leveraged for good and provide exciting opportunities. The blog has been running since September 2019 and so far has ten fantastic posts. I strongly encourage you to explore the content and connect with the inspiring authors.

For Educators

The ‘For Educators’ section of the site offers suggestions for teaching and learning. This includes a breakdown of various media platforms for both students and teachers. For example, it has information on blogging platforms for students that are specifically designed with central teacher management for education purposes. With help from my PLN, it also includes a summary of different social media platforms that teachers can use to share, advocate, reflect and connect with others.

#EmpoweredDigitalLeaders online course (with Jennifer Casa-Todd)

unnamedThe plan for Media By Example was always to offer a professional development course for teachers. This has been a collaborative effort with Jennifer Casa-Todd, author of Social LEADia. We’re proud to jointly present the Empowered Digital Leaders course, ready to launch later this month. For more information, follow this link and explore the separate website. The registration link can be found at the top of the page. We look forward to working with fellow educators to model and promote digital leadership.

I am proud of the progress to date but I have barely scratched the surface! This will be an exciting project that continues to grow and evolve. To receive regular updates, sign up for the monthly newsletter by completing the boxes at the bottom of the site or follow @MediaByExample on Twitter.

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