1:1 robotics with Ozobot (article for STEM|ED Magazine)

STEM|ED Magazine is the brainchild of Fi Morrison. Fi is a Digital Literacy Coach in Australia, a passionate educator and my good Twitter friend. When she told me about her exciting idea and invited me to contribute to Issue 1, I gladly accepted. It launched yesterday and is available to read right now. It’s jam-packed with inspiring STEM ideas, brilliant contributors, resources, research and more. This promises to be the start of something really special and I’m honoured to be a part of it.

My contribution is an article about Ozobots. I wrote about how my school recently purchased enough Ozobots to implement a 1:1 approach to robotics. I briefly explained how Ozobots work and why they’re an ideal STEM product, especially for remote and hybrid learning. But mostly, my article is a showcase of how Ozobots have been used to enhance learning across the curriculum.

To give you a flavour of Issue 1, I have added a screenshot of the contents page below. There’s a lot of fantastic content to enjoy!

Click here to read STEM|ED Magazine Issue 1. Below the magazine, you’ll see the subscription box. Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss upcoming issues. Once again, thank you to Fi for inviting me to contribute to this exciting new endeavor.

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