I’m an Edruptor!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been recognised as an Edruptor of 2022: an international education influencer of the year! I’m very grateful for this recognition from ISC Research.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the term ‘influencer’. It means different things to different people. In this context, however, I’m absolutely honoured!

“We named these influencers ‘Edruptors’ because of the impact they, as thought leaders, can have to affect change for educators.”

ISC Research

This is particularly humbling because of the in-depth research that goes into creating the list of Edruptors. In a nutshell, it is based on an analysis of online accounts, professional interactions and social influence. You can read more about the research methodology in the white paper (linked below).

Another reason that I’m so proud to be named an Edruptor of 2022 is because of the inspiring educators who I’m mentioned alongside. These are people who I have looked up to and learnt a lot from! I know that they have a really positive impact on the teaching community.

Click here to download the white paper. It includes a full list of Edruptors and advice on how to leverage social media in education. I was interviewed by Tash from ISC Research and my thoughts (along with those from fellow Edruptors) are sprinkled throughout.

Again, a huge thanks to ISC Research for the recognition, and thanks to everyone who continues to support my work online.

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