I’m Writing a Book!

I’m delighted to announce that my book, STEM-Powered Leadership (working title), is on the way! The book will be published with Code Breaker Inc., founded by Brian Aspinall and, yes, the publishing agreement has been signed. It’s happening!

Although it’s still very early stages, I’m making progress and I’m beyond excited to share it with the world! I believe it brings STEM and leadership (two topics that I’m very passionate about) together like never before. My goal is to inspire educational leaders to empower their teams, foster a culture of continuous learning and drive innovation in their settings. STEM-Powered Leadership places STEM principles at the heart of educational leadership to ensure that student learning is dynamic, impactful and highly relevant.

Sound good? Stay tuned!

Code Breaker Inc. represents an educational philosophy of innovation and disruption. Although the books are all unique and the authors are diverse, these themes are weaved throughout. I know that my book will add to these conversations and complement other Code Breaker titles.

“Breaking code isn’t just about programming. It’s about disrupting the status quo. It is about challenging social norms. It is about having critical conversations. It is about challenging systemic beliefs. It is about educating the whole child – mind, body and soul.”

Code Breaker Inc.

Check out my page in the list of Code Breaker team members. I couldn’t be more honoured to be part of this group!

Like I said, it’s still at the beginning stages. The best way to stay updated is to keep an eye on this blog and my social media. When we get closer to the release date, there’ll be exciting updates, announcements, pre-orders, etc. For now, just hang tight and wish me luck!

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