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Guest bloggers on Mr. Hill’s Musings:

Dickie Wada-Thomas

WADA-THOMAS-Dickie(1)Dickie Wada-Thomas has many years of teaching experience across primary school and is now ICT Co-ordinator. Dickie has two children of his own. Follow him on Twitter @dickiewt.

Dickie’s post:

If only we were all the same

Tima Nisbet


Tima Nisbet is a valued member of my PLN and an active member of our #pypbookstudy group. Originally from Canada, she is an experienced primary school teacher who currently teaches at an international school in Tanzania. With a background in humanities, a Masters in reading and literacy and a drama background, Tima brings enthusiasm and fun to her classroom. Follow her on Twitter @ebonwing.

Tima’s post:

An introduction to Out of Eden Learn

Brett Healey

BrettBrett Healey is an experienced primary school teacher who previously taught in Australia and the UK before moving to Hong Kong. He is passionate about literacy and thinking skills and is undertaking a research masters degree in children’s writing experiences. Follow Brett on Twitter @MrBWHealey.

Brett’s post:

Developing a critical thinking process routine for literacy

Alvin Kwok, Bryan Lam, Bryan Li and Michael Tong

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.14.54 AMAlvin Kwok, Bryan Lam, Bryan Li and Michael Tong are Year Five students at Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong. For their PYP Exhibition, they inquired into various cyber threats, how they work and how we can protect ourselves.

The boys’ post:

A guide to cyber threats

Kriti Nigam


Kriti Nigam has taught different curricula over a journey of fourteen years. She has been facilitating PYP Grade Five for four years, currently working at Pathways School, Noida (India). Kriti loves collaborating, exploring new ideas and implementing innovative, interactive and constructivist teaching methods. Connect with her on Twitter @NigamKriti.

Kriti’s post:

The power of a professional learning network

Ross Dawson

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.45.28 AMRoss Dawson is the Primary Principal at Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA), a bilingual IB World School in Hong Kong. Ross has lived in Hong Kong for over twenty years and has returned to VSA this year after studying Psychology of Coaching in Sydney, Australia, and running his own educational consultancy and coaching business. Ross has a strong background in inquiry-based learning and a passion for Positive Psychology and its many applications in the field of education. Follow Ross on Twitter @rdawsonedu.

Ross’ post:

Four big words for quality relationships

Zach Groshell


Zach Groshell has been teaching overseas for six years and is particularly fascinated with instructional coaching and technology integration. He currently lives in Sudan and, despite the challenges listed here, has fallen in love with the Sudanese people and culture. Follow him on Twitter@MrZachG.

Zach’s post:

Balancing work and play in the sands of Sudan

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My guest posts on other blogs:

The Learning Scientists

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.21.18 AM

The Learning Scientists is a group of university professors across the USA who are passionate about the science of learning and research-informed teaching practice. Follow them on Twitter @AceThatTest.

My post:

Are teachers as influential as they think they are?

Teacher Tech Trials


Teacher Tech Trials in an Ed Tech blog by Californian educator Corey Engstrom. Corey interviews teachers from all over the world to learn more about technology integration and how it can be used to enhance learning. Follow Corey on Twitter @ttechtrials.

My interview:

Adam Hill on Google Apps for Education

EdTech 4 Beginners

EdTech 4 Beginners is Neil Jarret’s blog. Originally from the UK, Neil teaches Year 6 and coordinates maths in an international school in Bangkok. Neil regularly writes for TES, Scholastic and other well-known publishers. His blog was a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017. Follow Neil on Twitter @edtechneil.

My post:

The role of technology in the PYP

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